Meteo 1.0

Weather forecasts on your cellphone

Meteo-si, free World mobile offers you the chance to view weather forecasts on your mobile phone (wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, cloud cover, rain - from GFS and Aladin models)

Supported mobile weather forecasts:

  • World: GFS 55 km (for 72 hours: Wind speed&direction, Temp, Rel.humidity, Cloud cover, Rain)
  • The Adriatic: Aladin 10km (for 48 hours: Wind speed&direction)
  • The Adriatic/Istria: Aladin/ DADA 2.5km (for 48 hours: Wind speed&direction)
  • Slovenia: Aladin 9.5km (for 48 hours: Wind speed&direction)

Perfect for those who actively spend their leisure time in the open air, in nature and are interested in detailed, mobile weather picture information, mobile weather information is available immediately and everywhere. It enables a quick view of the weather conditions via mobile phone.

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